Annual givers recognized at these levels, excluding pass-through project and agency funds.

Initiator $25-499
Anonymous, John Koelzer, F.L. and Donna Holliday, Richard Gray, Roger and Barbara Eggerling, Terry and Sally Force, Jolene and Lorenzo Cervantes, Ken Underwood, Sally Williams, SBS Insurance, Philip Lacy, Gary and Lynda Ladner, Clarence and Ruth Teske, Jeff and Christy Koelzer, Robert and Debra Schwarz, Verne Ratcliff, Almon and Verda Brunkow, Dr. Randy and Angie Tarvin, John and Elvina Grossnickle, Ralph and Maureen Ebert, Robert Brunkow, Chris and Vicki Flattery, Cathy Meier, Nancy Rezac, Connie Ryan, Cindy Seele, Eric and Cornelia Campbell, Mary and Russell Matzke, Bruce Dodson, Nathan Meile, Melissa Wegner, Palmer Law Firm, Chris and Brandi Miller, Bennington State Bank, Wamego Vet Clinic, Home of the Flint Hills, Darwyn Thomlinson, Pat Burns, Dennis Port, Jacob Herestrom, American Fidelity

Friend $500-999

Oakes Auto, Jerry Rice, Pat and Rita Keating, Alex and Regina Fairbanks, Mina and Lance Grutzmacher, Westmoreland Chamber

Champion $1000-4999
Anonymous, Pam and Bruce Bachman, Eugene and Deborah Berges, Bob’s Service, Lanny and Nancy Bosse, Justin and Virginia Boswell, Rheva Boswell, John and Annette Cline, John and Regina Gronewoller, Milton Henneberg, Jay and Maggi Kennedy, Joe and Marybeth Kennedy, Tim and Cindy Kite, Jay and Susie Kufahl, Nicholas and Denise Novelle, Nina Oakes, Onaga Pharmacy, Dan and Carol Pollock, Barbara Rezac, Debra and Lance Rezac, Jay and Stacy Rezac, Deborah Stallard, Steve and Anne Suther, Dr. Marcus and Meghan Weiser, Gerry and Roberta Kufahl, Joe and Karen Harder, Todd and Nancy Willert, Lion’s Club of Onaga, Nola Wilkerson, Terry and Dena Schmitz, Walter Byers Trust, Rosalind and Rick Lewis, Lester and Jo Harris, Fred and Dena Marten, Ruby Zabel Memorial, Lorraine and Butch Meyer, Kevin and Tara Logan, Marilyn and Pat McCourt, Jay and Carolyn Schlegel, James and Barbara Meinhardt and Kan Equip, John and Paulette Simecka, Linda Tessendorf, Jerry Fox, Paul and Pam Budenbender, Robert and Cheryl Annan, Carol and Adrian Hudler, Leiszler Oil Company, Sink- Gordon & Associates, McCown-Gordon, Rockhill Real Estate, Dr. Nicholas and Alyssa Cahoj, Hanney & Associates Architects, JNT Company, Blue Valley Telecommunications, Kaw Valley State Bank, Dennis and Peggie Post, Aaron and Kristi Timm, Sarah and David Hancock, Rick and Gayle Doll, Abbott Aluminum, Central Mechanical Construction, Elna and Ed Moore Trust, Darrell Holliday, Kolde Construction, Midland Exteriors, Midwest Concrete Materials, Wainwright Eye Care, Doug and Melissa Meyer, Civic Plus, John Harshbarger, Carl and Barb Meyer, Liz Meyer Memorial, Scott and Debra Haverkamp, Carol L. Burns Memorial, Bank of the Flint Hills, Network Computer Systems, Sloan Law Firm, Brigg’s Auto, Glyndall Tonsor, Leon and Carolyn Teske

Steward $5000-9999
-Onaga Fire Fighters, Wamego Telecommunications Company, Dave and Mary Jo Nelson, Farmers State Bank

Benefactor $10,000+
Rock Creek FFA Alumni, Dr. Tom and Marcia Walsh