Legacy Society: Donors who have made a planned gift to the CCF.
-Carol and Robert Williamson

Cornerstone Society: Donors who have achieved a lifetime total of $100,000 in gifts to the CCF.
-Carol Hudler
-Deborah Stallard

100 People who Care – Founder’s Society: Donors who have paid/pledged $4,000 to our unrestricted community fund within four years.
Tracy and Sue Ahlquist, Bob Annan, George Annan, Anonymous, Pam and Bruce Bachman, Eugene and Deborah Berges, Berges Sisters, Bob’s Service, Bob and Jean Venneberg, Lanny and Nancy Bosse, Justin and Virginia F. Boswell, Rheva Boswell, Paul and, Pam Budenbender, John and Annette Cline, Farmers State Bank- Westmoreland, Onaga, Manhattan-, Jerome Fox, John and Regina Gronewoller, Joe and Karen Harder, Lester and Jo Harris, Milton and Dorothy Henneberg, Carol Hudler, Jay and Maggi Kennedy, Joe and Marybeth Kennedy, Tim and Cindy Kite, Gerry and Roberta Kufahl, Jay and Susie Kufahl, Rosalind and Rick Lewis, Tammy and Alan Lierz, Kevin and Tara Logan, Marten Dozing, Fred and Dena Marten, Pat and Marilyn McCourt, Jim Meinhardt, James and Jennifer K. Moore, Nicholas J. and Denise A. Novelly, Nina Oakes, Onaga Lions Club, Onaga Pharmacy, Johnny and Crystal Schlodder, Dan and Carol Pollock, Barbara Rezac, Debra and Lance Rezac, Jay and Stacy Rezac, Terry and Dena Schmitz, John and Paulette Simecka, Deborah Stallard, Steve and Anne Suther, Linda Tessendorf, Dr. Marcus and Meghan Weiser, Nola Wilkerson, Todd and Nancy Willert