How can you invest in the future well-being of our community?

  • Direct your gift to a general area of interest you are passionate about and trust CCF to find real and meaningful ways to implement your wishes.
  • Entrust CCF to direct your bequest to the most pressing needs facing the community in a manner that honors your wishes.

How do you make giving a reality?

  • Consider donating a percentage of the proceeds of a sale or auction to the Caring Community Foundation. This won’t affect your monthly budget but it will decrease your taxes, help your community and set an example for others.
  • If you see a need in the community, chances are others see and experience it also. Perhaps you will be the person who begins a pathway to a solution through philanthropy. After helping a family member with travel and lodging arrangements for distant medical treatments, a woman initiated a fund to help others cover these expenses. She donated $500 and when the community learned of the cause, donations quickly added up to create an ever-ready source of support.
  • When updating their will and estate planning, a couple realized that they had specified donations to each of their children and their church but they felt something was missing. They realized that they wanted to leave something to the community where they lived, where they raised their children. Their community foundation provided the guidance and expertise to create a fund that matched their interests. They didn’t have a lot to invest but they felt inspired and empowered to have initiated a good will effort that their children could later expand.