July 2017 

Caring Community Foundation Revitalization Grant
Request for Proposals  (RFP)

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The Caring Community Foundation (CCF) exists to help Enhance Vibrant Communities of rural Northeast Kansas. We want to develop strong relationships with our local non-profits who serve community needs with the hope that our collective efforts will re-vitalize our home towns. We believe this will help make optimal communities in which to raise a family, access quality education, grow businesses and to experience art and culture.

We recognize that our rural towns, established in an earlier century, must meet economic and cultural challenges to have a vibrant future. This grant is an opportunity to support local revitalization in our small towns across Pottawatomie and Marshall Counties. We realize this grant is not large enough to make a profound impact; we are seeking to assist people who are committed to making a profound impact in their community.

The CCF has received assistance from the Monsanto America’s Farmers Grow Communities Program, and will be making two $1000 awards available through a Request for Proposal (RFP) process to small towns in Pottawatomie and/or Marshall Kansas Counties. Proposals are to be submitted electronically by August 31, 2017 to Susanne Kufahl, Executive Director, Caring Community Foundation at skufahl@ccfks.org. Awards will be announced by October 16th, 2017 and funds distributed by October 31, 2017. Projects must be completed by July 1st, 2018. A final narrative and budget report of the project is due to skufahl@ccfks.org by July 31st, 2018.  Non-compliance with the terms of this RFP by an awardee, as determined by the Caring Community Foundation Board of Directors, will require the awardee to return the award to the CCF within 30 days of notification of such determination.

Who is eligible to apply: Non-profit organizations based in the Kansas Counties of Pottawatomie or Marshall that can demonstrate their IRS-recognized tax exempt status or that apply through a sponsor organization who meets these requirements.

What can be funded: Project support for revitalization efforts that visibly preserve or enhance downtown, or support for preservation, restoration or creation of open/green/park space.

What will not be funded: Salaries, capital requests, business operating costs, debt, replacement of existing funding, fund raising, or projects that are political, religious or discriminatory.


  1. Applicant Identifying Information

Name of Organization:

Mailing Address:

Executive Director:

Contact Person:



Geographic Area Served:

Tax exempt status:


If applicable, Fiscal Agent Sponsor that is tax exempt:

  1. Proposal Summary

In 1-3 sentences provide a general description of the use intended for this grant, if awarded, and the amount of funds requested.

  • Organization Description and History

In several paragraphs, describe the history of the organization, its structure, key staff, and how you will carry out the activities that would be funded by the requested grant. Include major accomplishments of the organization, relevant experience and any established partnerships/relationships that will assist you in completing a successful project.

  1. Background

Explain the problem that your project will address. Include evidence of the problem and evidence that your project will contribute to a solution. Why should your project be funded?

  1. Program Narrative

Provide a detailed description of the program that you are requesting to be funded. Include a timeline showing the duration of the project and order in which the activities will be undertaken and completed. Include an explanation of the time involved, goals of the project, and how goals will be achieved and measured. Description may also include qualifications or experience of the staff or volunteers who will work on the project.

  1. Budget

Please complete the table below for your project. In-kind match should be noted as the value of project assistance you receive that you don’t have to pay for; this is not required, but is helpful. Please note the source of in-kind match and funds from other sources.

Expenditure Category CCF Fund Request Funds from other Sources In-kind Match Total


  • Additional Grantee Requirements:
  1. Administrative Relationship: The grantee is solely responsible for administering the project, and the CCF shall have no responsibility for such. This agreement grants the Foundation no administrative control over the grantee or its operations; there is no principal/agency relationship between the Foundation and the grantee.
  2. Accounting: For reporting and audit purposes, the grantee agrees to maintain records of receipts and expenditures related to the project, during the project and for a least one year following completion of the project.
  3. Publicity: All planned publicity for this project shall require prior approval of, and acknowledge the support of, the Caring Community Foundation.
  4. Hold Harmless/Indemnification: To the extent allowed by Kansas law, grantee agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the CCF, its board, employees and agents against all liabilities, obligations, damages, penalties, claims, costs, charges and expenses, which may be imposed upon, or asserted against, the Foundation or its representatives.

For more information please contact Susie Kufahl, Executive Director of the Caring Community Foundation, skufahl@ccfks.org, 785-380-9014.

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